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At twelve years old Zach Sage and Omri Dorani met at fat camp. Fox dreamed of becoming a famous comedian and Dorani, a renowned film director. The two became fast friends and would keep the bunk up late with plans to one day make movies together. Those dreams eventually manifested as Fat Camp Films, a multimedia production company that creates fresh content ranging from film and TV projects to short-form branded commercials and viral videos. In the short time since its launch, Fat Camp has already produced content for companies such as Funny OR Die, Disney Channel, Dreamworks TV, No Labels, Wicked Cool Toys, Glass Entertainment, goPuff and Hulu. 


As we enter the Age of Content, it’s important to partner with storytellers who understand how to stand out in a crowded marketplace. At Fat Camp, it’s our mission to use sharp writing and stylish filmmaking to generate buzz around the work we do.



Zach Sage


Omri Dorani



Most recently, Sage and Dorani wrote, produced and directed their first full-length feature film, a bold teen comedy called How To Get Girls, which is a top tending film on HULU. Fox stars in the film alongside stars David Koechner (Anchorman, The Office), Chris Elliot (Schitt’s Creek), Chris Kattan (SNL) and Kate Flannery (The Office).  Fat Camp has a slew of new shows and films in development with Paramount, Hulu, Netflix, and More! 

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After just a few years on YouTube, the company landed a development deal with the Disney Channel. There, Fat Camp produced The Zach Fox Project alongside Disney and It's A Laugh Productions as well as the hit Canadian prank show Just for Laughs (rebranded in the U.S. as Just Kidding). Sage wrote and starred in both. Fat Camp also has a handful of series in the works with major studios.


"The Scroll" is a meme news show that uses viral videos to educate on real current events. The show is in its fourth season, generates tens of millions of views, and is one of Snap's hottest shows!


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Let’s face it… branded content is the future. With traditional ad models rapidly digitizing, it’s becoming harder and harder for brands to catch audiences’ attention. Today, when the most effective ads are the ones consumers choose to watch themselves, it’s important for brands to find new and innovative ways to deliver their message. At Fat Camp, we create eye-catching and sharable content for companies, which viewers actually choose to watch while still incorporating the desired brand messages. We work with clients to generate viral video campaigns that are too good to scroll past. ​


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Fat Camp was brought on to help the billionaire philanthropist make a splash. By then, he was polling at zero percent. So we decided to be bold by launching the first-ever presidential meme campaign.


The internet responds to oddities, because, humans do. Odd is new. And new gets attention. So our first campaign introduced Bloomberg in a more self-aware way than any candidate ever had. Our team created 25 different memes that distributed across the internet's biggest influencer accounts...

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