WELCOME to fat camp

We are a youth driven content studio with a mission to make empowering films and TV series for streamers and social media platforms. 


After meeting at a weight loss overnight camp as tweens (true story), Sage and Dorani started Fat Camp Films to innovate content financing and creation for a new generation. At 17 the duo landed a development deal with Disney Channel where they created two hit shows for the network. A decade later, Fat Camp has become a multi-million dollar business, and one of the fastest growing media hubs in the world.


They’ve produced award winning films for streamers like Hulu and Amazon Prime, which Sage and Dorani also wrote and directed, as well as over a dozen viral digital shows through fruitful partnerships with companies like FJerry, Funny OR Die, Snapchat Discover, Instagram, TikTok and more, where they’ve racked up more than 2.2 billion views across all their videos. Fat Camp has also pioneered a new age of advertising with youthful out-of-the-box campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the game like goPuff, Pioneer, What Do You Meme?, The Lincoln Project, Vote.org, Twisted Tea, and more.


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Zach Sage


Omri Dorani



Fat Camp’s first feature film was How To Get Girls – a top trending teen comedy on Hulu, which satirically tackled toxic masculinity and was written/directed by Dorani and Sage, who also starred in it alongside celebrities like David Koechner (Anchorman, The Goldbergs), Kate Flannery (The Office), Chris Kattan (SNL), and Chris Elliot (Schitts Creek). The film won ‘Best Feature’ shown at the Portland Comedy Festival. The company’s next movie, an Amazon Prime horror called This Is Our Home, won The Lower East Side Film Festival where it was lauded by critics for its allegorical abortion theme. The studio’s third feature is in development at Hulu.

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Fat Camp Films has created two shows for Disney, including the hit prank show Just Kidding, which Sage also hosted. Our digital slate of series is vast; with over a dozen shows on Snapchat Discover, that have gotten over a billion story views, and several other viral sensations on FJerry, Funny OR Die, Awesomeness and DreamworksTV. Our TikTok shows have gotten over 75M likes, including What’s Your Problem? a mental health talk show, which has been praised by advocates and been sponsored by Discovery+ and MTV.